3D-gedruckte Einlegesohle

3D printed for a perfect fit

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Stabilize your body and reduce pain 

We create a 3D printed insole that works as a perfect connection between your individual foot sole and our IMOTANA football boots. 

Improve your performance and reduce injuries that are caused by an anatomical incorrect foot position.

  • CORRECTS FOOT MALPOSITION: Helps with flat feet, heel spur or pain in your ankles, knees and hips.
  • ULTRA THIN: Same thickness as our standard insole so that you do not feel a different fit.
  • 3D PRINTED: We use a 3D scan of your feet or images from your foot sole and print the insole according to the shape of your feet.
  • SUPER SOFT: The 3D printed insole offers shock absorption and supports your ankles.
  • INCREASED BREATHABILITY: The underlaying grid system improves breathability and helps to keep your feet dry.


  • As we are the first football brand that offers 4 different widths for each size (ultra slim, slim, normal wider) we created a size guide for you.

    The size guide helps you to choose the right fit from IMOTANA in comparison to the boots you are using right. Just check the brand and model that you are wearing and we can recommend the corresponding size and width from IMOTANA.

    If you are still unsure about your fit please download the verifyt app, scan your feet and upload two pictures from your recent boots in the customer account section.

    We will check your data manually and recommend a fit for you based on the scan and the images.

  • Yes, you can order a different size and a different width for your left and right foot. In case you need help to find our what fit you need please check our size guide.

  • Please log in to your customer account and check the recommended sizes listed under the "pre-configured boots" section.

  • Yes. The boots are suitable also for women. We recommend an ultra slim or slim fit for women's feet.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need some help to find the right fit.

  • Just contact us and we will send you a shipping label for a free return.

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